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Introducing the Performance Leading 40GHz Bandwidth IQ Reference Transmitter

IQ Multi-Format Transmitter


The Optical Multi-Format Transmitter (OMFT) is a fully integrated optical frontend instrument that  converts electrical RF signals into an IQ modulated optical signal.

At 40GHz bandwidth, this device provides unparalleled signal fidelity for rtesaerch in next generation multi-level transmission formats even at high symbol rates of up to 100GBaud/s. It is suitable as reference transmitter for receiver characterization or transmitter reference setup.

The unit is easily interfaces to Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) and Pulse Pattern Generators (PPG).

 The unique RF amplitude / modulation format independent automated BIAS control allows users to apply customized RF input signals without requiring manual tweaking of parameters and guaranteeing operation at the optimal operating point. This enables long-term stable operation and automated switching between modulation formats.

A unique zero noise feature provides optimal and repeatable performance.

High Quality Constellation at 64 GBaud

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OMFT constellation 64GBaud

Key Features

  • Modulation Format and RF amplitude independant

  • Capable of supporting baud rates of up to 64 GBaud

  • Perfect for M-QAM, M-PSK, OFDM and custom modulation formats

  • High repeatability and reliability of optimized optical signals

  • A zero noise feature allows achieving optimal and repeatable performance

  • Intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface

  • USB and Ethernet interface for remote control

  • SCPI Style remote control command set, LabView® drivers supplied

  • Highly customizable to suit your needs


Data Sheet OMFT

Please inquire with us for a detailed data sheet